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Smart Eye Massager

Smart Eye Massager

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New arrival: Heated Eye Mask.

Struggling with Migraines, Eye Strain, or lnsomnia?

The Smart Eye Massager is a new-generation eye massager thatutilises scientifically-proven warmth, acupoint, and vibration massage to help relieveheadaches, insomnia, eye strain, reduce dark under-eye circles, and more. lt'sessentially a miracle cure that can provide instant relief and tackle all eye-related problems.

User instruction:

The instruction is in English, if you need instructions in other languages(e.g. Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, etc.), please contact us and leave your email.

eye massager


1. eye protection mode: (long press switch/mode key - power on)
Massage function + music SALORIE Online Store
2. Nursing mode: (short press on/mode key - switch)
Massage function + music + hot compress function
3. Strong mode :(short press on/mode key - switch)
Massage function + music + hot compress function + vibration massage SALORIE Online Store
4, refreshing mode: (press the power on/mode button to change everything)
Hot compress function + music
(If you don't need music, you can also press the music button to stop the music)


42-degree Hot compress;
Built-in Music function+Bluetooth Music function;
Multiple frequency vibration massage;
One key operation;
Double pressure; 
180° folded;
Strong  air pressure massage;
1200mAH Internal battery.

Battery capacity:


Vibration massage

Multi-frequency vibration about 50 times per second to relieve fatigued muscles around the eyes.

Airbag compression:

42-degree Constant temperature hot compress

42 degrees Celsius, even heat, relieve eye fatigue, hot compress experience upgrade. Give the warm enjoyment like a hot towel.


The folding design is convenient for storage,and the storage bag is equipped for convenient travel and use.

Built-in music + Bluetooth music:

The Bluetooth connection name of this instrument is: DIMENG, no password is required.
You can switch the built-in music or mobile phone Bluetooth music by long pressing the music button, or you can press the short button to pause the music, or you can adjust the volume and switch the next song music through the volume button.

Office Worker;
Stay up late family;
Children myopia.

Principle of action:

There are many acupuncture points around the eyes of the person recorded in the medical book. When the eyes are frequently rubbed/blinking/sightedness/sightedness is dizzy, the eye is too tired, and the skin can be massaged around the eyes and the temples properly. Achieve the effect of dredging and relax your eyes. The eye massager is to simulate the "push-squeeze-pinch-push" massage around the eyes and the temples, and add the hot compress of the eyes to relax the eyes and cooperate with the Bluetooth music to get rid of the fatigue of the day.

Choose my reason

Gas double-layer circulation airbag massage is a simulation of acupressure points through the airbag
Feel the key digital display (easy to use, smart and stylish)
Premium deer velvet fabric (comfortable and breathable)
180 degree folding design (anytime, anywhere, easy to carry)
Nose design of the nose (according to ergonomics)

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