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Personal Safety Siren for Women

Personal Safety Siren for Women

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Trusted by Over 2,500,000 Women

The Best Way To Help Keep Yourself & Your Loved Ones Safe

The original the personal safety alarm made for women- designed with deterrent features to keep attackers at bay.

Designed to deter attackers

The Personal Self Defense Alarm is easy to use, convenient, and armed with features to keep attackers at bay.

Easy to Use: Just pull the Personal Alarm to activate.

Non-Violent: Designed to deter attackers without physical contact.

Travel Approved: Take the Personal Alarm with you wherever you go.



• 130dB Siren:The He Original Personal Safety Siren emits a loud 130dB siren sound, making it difficult for anyone to ignore and attracting attention to your emergency situation.

• Strobe & Key Chain :The siren comes with a strobe light and keychain, making it easy to carry around and use in various situations.

• Anti-Robbery Call for Help :The siren is designed to make an anti-robbery call for help, alerting others in your vicinity and potentially preventing crime.

• RoHS Certified :The He Original Personal Safety Siren is RoHS certified, ensuring that it meets safety and environmental standards.

Attention: Pull the keychain to activate the alarm, and the side button can only turn on the LED light

Product Description

Volume: 130db

Charging: Type-C

Battery: 3.7V 130mAh

Alarm time: 70 minutes

Product model: AF-2004

Lighting time: 240 minutes

Lighting function: LED light

Bling Lighting Time: 300 minutes

Product size: 99mm * 31mm * 13.5mm

Product Advantages

⏺【Flashlight function】: Turn on the lighting light at night to protect you

⏺【High decibel alarm】: 130DB alarm to protect property and protect your safety.

⏺ 【Integrated Design】: Integrated design structure, which is more firmly resistant to falling.

⏺【Circular charging】: Built-in battery Type-C charging port, charging is convenient, no need to replace the battery.

⏺ 【Reminder of low electricity】: When the electricity volume of the alarm is too low, the LED lights flickered and made "DIDI .." sound.

⏺ 【Charging reminder】: The red light is often on during charging, and the green light is often on when it is full.

⏺ 【130dB Loundly sound】: 1、Frightened the stranger 2、Draw attention for help even in far distance


1.  The alarm sound is very loud, please do not put close to your ears.

2.  Due to the different display and lighting effects, theactual color of the product may be slightly differentfrom the color shown in the picture.

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