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Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

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🔄 Fits Wide and Regular Mouth Jars
🔒 Airtight, Long-lasting Seal Every Time
🔌 No Cords or Hoses - Utter Simplicity
📏 Compact Size, Ideal for a Drawer Fit

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Perfect gift for family kitchen~

Daily Airtight Seal, Fresh For Longer! 🌬️

No more dragging out bulky sealers for just one jar. With Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer, seal any jar, anytime, as often as you wish! Pop Open, Serve Up, Seal Tight Again.

Long-Lasting Auto-Seal in 30 Seconds ⏱

Get a long-lasting seal every time in just 30 seconds for most jars with it's strong & automatic vacuum system. Keep in mind that our Vacuum Sealer will not sanitize your jar or food but will keep them airtight sealed for longer!

Ditch The Complicated and Bulky Sealers 🚫

Small enough to fit in your drawer, Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer allows you to vacuum seal your mason jars effortlessly with no cords or vacuum hose.

Fits Regular & Wide Mouth Jars 🍽

Its all-in-one design allows you to vacuum seal any jar with regular mouth or wide mouth with no extra accessories.

Keep Your Food Sealed After Every Use 🥫

With its compact and lightweight design, Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer allows you reseal any jar with just a push of a button, wether its dry goods from shelf or refrigerated goods in jars!


1.Save Time and Money with Easy Vacuum Sealing: Tired of wasting spoiled food and spending too much on groceries?  Our mason jar vacuum sealer is here to help you save time and money in the kitchen.  It not only keeps food fresh for longer but also slows down the process of food decay, preserving the flavors and quality.  Using our mason jar vacuum sealer is a breeze: simply place it on top of the Mason jar, press the button, and let its magic work.
2.Versatile and Efficient: Our electric jar sealer meets all your vacuum sealing needs.  Whether you want to preserve homemade jams, store dry goods, or marinate meats, this versatile machine has got you covered.  Its efficient design extracts air from the container in seconds, providing a more portable and efficient solution compared to manual pumps and other traditional household sealers.
3.Long-Lasting Freshness: With our jar vacuum sealer kit, say hello to extended shelf life and long-lasting freshness for your food.  By removing air and sealing the Mason jars, this innovative appliance helps prevent spoilage and preserves the natural flavors and textures of your favorite ingredients.  Enjoy the convenience of having freshly sealed items readily available whenever you need them, without worrying about food waste or compromising on taste and quality.
4.Ideal for Travelers and Food Enthusiasts: For those who enjoy exploring new places or are constantly on-the-go, our jar sealer set should be at the top of the packing list.  Keep your snacks, sauces, and homemade goodies fresh and secure during your travels.  The compact size and portability of our electric vacuum sealer make it convenient to carry along wherever you roam.
5.User-Friendly and Hassle-Free Operation: Our vacuum sealing machine is designed with user-friendliness in mind.  Simply attach it to the mouth of the Mason jar, press the button, and let the device do the rest.  Gone are the days of struggling with complicated manual pumping or dealing with messy bag seals.  

Sealing Machine Size: 104*94mm/4.09*3.7inch
Large Seal Size: 83x83mm/3.26x3.26in
Small Seal Size: 68x68mm/2.7x2.7in
Air Pump Capacity: 500cc
Vacuum Flow: 3.5L
Inhale Mpa: -60kpa
Air Pump Motor: 370 Air Pump
Motor Voltage: 7.4v
Noise: < 60db
Pressure Relief Mode: The Solenoid Valve Automatically Resets
Display Mode: Battery Percentage Display
Battery: Built-In 1200-2000mah
Power: 5w
Supply Voltage: Dc5v/1a Type-C

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1x Electric Jar Vacuum Sealer Kit 

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