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Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

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Charge Your Phone With A Snap

Ditch the cable and experience the magic of superfast magnetic wireless charging with our Macsafe Magnetic Charger.

This ultra-slim and stylish power bank combines the convenience of wireless charging with advanced Quick-Grip magnet technology. Its coolcutting-edge design is the perfect way to discreetly store power on the go, allowing you to enjoy superior charging performance without compromising on portability. Unlock the luxury of effortless charging with our sophisticated and exclusive elite magnetic power bank. 

The small & lightweight power bank comes with built-in magnets that perfectly align with iPhone 12,13 14 & 15 MagSafe technology, allowing both the power bank and phone to snap together for a seamless wireless charging solution on the move.


✅ Snaps and becomes a second battery for your phone using strong magnets

✅ Premium, stylish and luxurious

✅ Large capacity (5000mAh or 10000mAh) means superfast wireless charging (20W)

✅ Aesthetically-pleasing LED digital display provides real-time power value monitoring. Say goodbye to power shortage anxiety.

✅ Ultra-slim (9mm) & super lightweight (145/215gm) makes it super-easy to carry in your pocket or bag

✅ Perfect for iPhone 15/14/13/12 Series and Android phones with USB-C port

✅ AI-enabled intelligent temperature-control ensures no overheating or damage to your precious phone


Two charging methods

Wired + wireless 2 in 1

Wired mode

1. Type-C input/output
      22.5W Super Fast Charge
      PD20W two-way fast charging
2. USB output 22.5W

Magnetic wireless mode

15W magnetic wireless charging
Compatible with 99% wireless charging mobile phones
For Magsafe

Magnetic wireless fast charging

Compatible with MagSafe case charging.
Strong magnetic attraction! !

Charge 3 mobile phones at the same time

play while charging.
Share and use at the same time.

Light and thin, easy to carry

Thin to texture, easy to store and carry

Faster and more stable

22.5W super fast charge
2 times faster charging

LED display

The remaining power is clear at a glance
LED digital display, no need to guess blindly.

your second battery.

Small size, big energy
It is enough to have it every day

Compliant with airline carry-on standards

travel with you
Comply with civil aviation standards


Product: Macsafe Magnetic Wireless Power Bank Portable MacSafe External Spare Battery
Material: plastic+ABS
Wireless Output: 7.5W/10W/15W
Input inferface: Type-C (20W)
Output:  Type-C:5V-3A 9V-2.2A(20W)
               USB-A:5V-3A /9V-2A /12V-1.5A(22.5W)
Battery:  5000mAh 10000mAh
Size:   98*64*15mm(5000mAh)

MacSafe Power Bank

22.5W super fast charge
15W magnetic wireless charging
Magnetic + 22.5W wired charging
Magnetic wireless power bank
LED power display
Comfortable plastic silicone material


1.Press the button to activate Power Bank before using the magnetic charging function.
2.As the magnetic power bank has been hot while charging is normal. In case of overheating, it will automatically reduce the charging speed or stop charging until the temperature drops.
3.Not compatible with non-magnetic phone cases, such as OtterBox defender cases.
4.Wireless charging and mobile power can be used simultaneously to charge different devices.

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