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Electronic Pest Repeller

Electronic Pest Repeller

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360-Degree High-Power Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with LED Light - White Black / US Plug
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizes modern technology to emit ultrasonic and pressure waves, along with a night-time flashing light effect, which targets the nervous and auditory systems of rodents and pests, causing discomfort and deterring their presence
  • Multi-Functionality: Capable of producing variable frequency and strong fixed frequency ultrasonic and pressure waves, complemented by a night-time frequency-variable flashing light
  • Frequency Variation: The device emits multiple wave frequencies that intermittently change, with three different flashing frequencies of the light, preventing pests like rodents from developing "adaptability" and "immunity" to a fixed frequency
  • High Power: Maximizes the output power of both wave types, ensuring 360-degree coverage without any dead angles
  • Prevention of Habituation: The constantly changing frequencies ensure that pests do not become accustomed or immune to the effects, providing an effective deterrent over time

Package included:

  • 1 x Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
  • 1 x English Manual
  • Other items not included
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